Does Your Moisturizer Give You Separation Anxiety?

Years ago, before Kaiya Naturals was formed, my Aunt Sue gave me a moisturizer she made. I used it once or twice and then after over a year[1] I discovered that the oil had separated from the cream part.

Toasted cheese sandwich on beige plate
Why is my moisturizer melting like a grilled cheese?

This perplexed me. I had never seen this before and was inclined to throw it away. I officially had separation anxiety. I didn’t know what to do with it. Part of me thought it had gone bad. After all, none of my other moisturizes had ever done this. So I did what any normal person would do: I smelled it.

Smelling the moisturizer did nothing to help me solve my problem. Nothing. That’s because it still smelled like the moisturizer did when I first received it – hints of lavender and other stuff I couldn’t identify but knew to be from the natural world.

Since this moisturizer had been a gift from my Aunt, I kept it. I didn’t use it. I just kept it on the shelf until she visited and I showed it to her. She took one look at it and said it was fine. I looked at her like she was an alien. Then she used her finger to stir the oil back into the creamy part. It reminded me a lot like what I do to peanut butter when the oil separates from it.

But I was still skeptical. I eyed that little glass bottle of moisturizer for a couple more months before deciding to use it.  And use it I did. I used all of it. Especially on my elbows and feet. It was glorious. I chided myself for having doubted the moisturizer and my Aunt’s knowledge.

These days I find myself explaining away the same “separation anxiety” I had to my friends who use our products. As such, I thought you might have the same questions and concerns.

Imagine living in the bathroom year-round. Imagine the heat that fills the room for each shower. Now add the humidity factor. Next, we need to account for the fact that our moisturizes aren’t diluted. There are no fillers in them. There are no synthetic emulsifiers, thickeners, or stabilizers. Just real ingredients like olive oil, calendula, vitamin e, tamanu oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, etc.

This means that the separation of the natural oils in normal. Especially if you store your moisturizer in your damp, hot, humid bathroom. Simply use your finger (or be diligent about germs and bacteria[2] and use a Popsicle stick, flossing stick, or utensil) to stir all the ingredients back together. It will only take a second.

Fridge with Note

You can also store your moisturizer in the refrigerator. In addition to helping prevent the oil separation, the added advantage of this is it will give you a cool burst and help wake up your face. If you’re into that kind of thing (I’m not) and don’t mind applying your moisturizer in the kitchen (I do) or explaining that not everything in the refrigerator is edible to your family (I say skip the explanation and see what happens).

All this is my long way of saying that I hope your moisturizer gives you separation anxiety! That means the ingredients are natural! At least it does if the label on it says Kaiya Naturals.

Stay natural,

Jessica Rick


[1] You are not supposed to keep our moisturizers for this long. We suggest using them in six months or less. Don’t be like me.

[2] I’m not diligent (aka anal) about this stuff; I use my finger, but I respect people who use an implement to stir their moisturizer.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  For educational purposes only.

Find Your “Why?”

In 1997 I was an 18 year old security guard.  I wasn’t very good at it, but it was a job.  After that I was server at a restaurant.  Later, I worked as a “fry chef” during the closing shift, which lasted until 4am, at a local fast food eatery.  I was working day in and day out.  When I no longer had a job, I looked up a new job in the newspaper.  (For all you kids out there, that’s the way it was done before the internet.)

I would ask myself:

  • What do I want to do?
  • How much could I get paid?
  • Where was the job located?
  • Who would hire me?
  • When would I get my first check?

The question I would never ask myself was the most important question of all:

  • Why?

It frames all the other questions.  Why am I working?  Why should they hire me?  Why do I want to do this job?  After asking yourself “Why?” the who, what where, when, and how becomes obvious.

Each person’s “Why?” is different.  For some their “Why?” is to provide for their children.  For others it may be to create a better world.  For many it is to just survive.  Most never ask themselves the question.  It may be an easy question to ask, but it is not an obvious question, nor is it easy to answer.  In fact, it is very difficult to answer.

My “Why?” took me years to figure out, and it is still evolving.  My “Why?” led me to start Kaiya Naturals with my family.  I hope that you’ll start asking yourself the question.  You’d be surprised at how it causes the world to start making sense.

Stay Natural,

Farmer Ked