Do You Know What is Growing in Your Pores?

I’ve never been a “girly-girl.” It’s just not in my DNA. So once I finally got around to actually wearing makeup on a daily basis, I seldom took the time to wash it off before I went to bed. That’s right. During my twenties and early thirties, I slept with my make up on.

Sleeping woman in bed
This woman has NO IDEA what gunk is lurking in her pores as she sleeps in her makeup.

Mostly it was for two reasons: First it seemed like one more chore to do before I could actually go to sleep. Second, I don’t like it when water drips down my arms at the sink. Truly, it bothers me. I’m certain it’s got something to do with the parts of my personality that lean towards the obsessive compulsive end of the spectrum.

These days I seldom wear make-up more than three or four times a year. But when I do, I am adamant about washing it off before I go to bed.  Here’s why:

  • There are small, itsy-bitsy tiny little oil glands that line your eyelashes. The lubrication they provide keep your eyes healthy. Not removing makeup can clog and/or inflame these glands due to makeup particles like wax, pigment, minerals, and particles.
  • Makeup can cause oxidative damage which affects collagen and elastin negatively resulting in more wrinkles and saggy skin (something no one wants, but we all must address).
  • Makeup  most likely contains irritants like dyes and/or perfumes that can be especially harsh for people with sensitive skin. But even without sensitive skin, makeup residue, particles, dyes, and perfumes won’t do your pores any favors. Dermatologists have been known to find makeup products in pores and between dead skin flakes. Sometimes when they do facial skin biopsies (which sound like zero fun), they discover mites, yeast, and bacteria in the pores. Ick. And more ick.

However, I am just now learning that I need to wash my face twice a day regardless of whether or not I am wearing any makeup. Apparently, at the end of the day, your face is full of oil, dead cells, airborne chemicals, dirt, and allergens. Plus, these things can cause oxidative damage, which can result in wrinkles.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? That everything results in wrinkles? Because it sure seems that way.  And now in less than four paragraphs you have learned that I have completed two beauty blunders (i.e. wrinkle makers) in my skin’s history – not washing my face at night when I have makeup on and not washing my face at night when I don’t have makeup on it.  Sigh.

Woman washing her face in the bathroomSo the moral of the story is to wash your face twice a day. When you do this make sure you use a cleanser, not a soap, that is suited for your skin type and needs (i.e. oily, dry, normal, acne-prone, etc.).

At the very least, use a toner. This is especially helpful for people like me that think washing my face at night gets too messy (i.e the water drips down my arms to my elbows!) or takes too long. Toner is my best friend. Plus, I think it’s cool to see all the dirt and debris on the cotton ball after I’ve splashed toner on it and run it over my face. (I can’t be the only one that enjoys this, can I?) (In case you are wondering, I also get a kick out of looking at my used pore strips.)

Once your face is clean, apply a moisturizer/serum so it can do all things good. Use a moisturizer or serum that assists you in the areas that you want to target (i.e. wrinkles, acne, dark spots, dryness, dull skin, irritated skin, rosacea, oil-balancing, etc.). Your skin’s health and appearance depend on it.

Stay natural,

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  For educational purposes only.


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