Side Sleeping Can Wrinkle Your Face

Habitually not getting enough sleep – less than seven hours – can cause a number of health problems.  Those problems range from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension to mood disorders, immune disfunction, and a lowered life expectancy.  Getting too much sleep – habitually more than nine hours – can do the same.[1]  However, the position that you sleep in can have some serious effects on your body, too.  Sleeping in the wrong position can cause bags under your eyes, face wrinkles, neck and back pain, as well as acid reflux.  So, what is the best sleeping position, and which should you avoid?

The Back

The best position to sleep in is on your back with your head slightly elevated.  This allows fluids that can cause puffy eyes to drain[2], keeps your spine in a neutral position, prevents your face from wrinkling since it isn’t being smushed, and fully supports the weight of your breasts.  The only bad thing about sleeping on your back is that snoring is the most severe in this position.

The Side

If sleeping on your back is difficult, or if you’re pregnant, then the next best position is on your side.  Just be sure to use a thick pillow to keep your spine in a neutral alignment.  You should also sleep on your left side, as it improves circulation according to Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, professor of dermatology at St. Louis University.[3]  The bad news is that sleeping on your side can cause premature wrinkles on your face as a result of being pressed against the pillow.  It can also cause your breasts to sag since they are not being supported.

The Front

This is the worst position that you can sleep in.  It wrenches your neck, smushes your face causing wrinkles, and leads to a buildup of fluid causing puffy eyes.  The only saving grace of sleeping on your stomach is that it helps to reduce snoring.

The Take Away

Get seven to eight hours of sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated above your chest..  Sure, you’ll probably snore more, but you’ll also have perkier breasts, less wrinkles, and eyes that aren’t as puffy.  Not a bad trade-off.

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