Alcohol Gives You Psoriasis

You may want to think twice before drinking that beer.  As if alcohol didn’t have a bad enough reputation, you can now add psoriasis to the list of unwanted side-effects.  Not only can alcohol misuse cause this condition, alcohol abuse makes psoriasis more resistant to treatment.[1]  It is also an early warning of alcohol-related complications in the future, like liver disease.[2]

Women vs. Men

Alcohol seems to affect women and men differently.  For women, non-light beer (meaning regular ol’ beer) is associated with a higher risk.  Consumption of more than 2.3 non-light beers per week was a significant risk factor for new onset of psoriasis.  However, light beer, wine, and liquor had no effect.  This is thought to be 169937693because of a latent gluten-sensitivity resulting from non-distilled barley present in beer. Light beer also contains gluten, however, it contains significantly less. This may be a factor in why light beer did not show an association with psoriasis.[3]

For men,  those who consumed 100g of alcohol per day were 2.2 times more likely to have psoriasis than non-drinkers.[4] However, unlike women, where there is a causality between alcohol and new onset of psoriasis, there is only an association between the two in men at the moment.  But, don’t feel down about this girls.  Alcohol has a adverse effect on psoriasis treatment in men, but not women.[5]

So far, this seems to mean that:

  • For women, moderate consumption of regular beer causes psoriasis, but it won’t prevent treatments from working.
  • For men, alcohol abuse of any kind worsens psoriasis, and prevents treatments from working.

Early Warning System

Alcohol-related psoriasis is bad, but there is good news…sort of.  The good news is that it is an early indication of even worse alcohol-related diseases in the future.  No, it’s not good that you’re going to have an even worse condition in the future.  What is good is that you now know it, and have a chance to turn things around before it’s too late.

This is because alcoholics with psoriasis have a greater risk of liver disease, as well as a greater risk of overall death from alcohol-related causes.[6]  Psoriasis isn’t the only thing you should look out for, either.  Alcohol-related eczema, rosacea, post-adolescent acne, and infections are also signs that you are at a higher risk of alcohol-related complications.[7][8]

The Take Away

Women, if you are experiencing psoriasis as a result of alcohol consumption, stop drinking beer.  If you can’t do that, the good news is that you can treat it.  However, this is an early warning that you are headed down a dangerous path that may be leading to worse complications in the future.  Men, if you are experiencing the same thing, then there is only one thing that you can do – stop abusing alcohol.

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Stay Natural,


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