Today I am Strong

Hello to the Kaiya Naturals Fam!

This morning is full of potential. I get a chance to be grateful of the blessings that I have received, and be mindful of the opportunities that lay at my feet. My health is good. My spirits are rising. My problems don’t have such a strong grip on my psyche today.

But, there are mornings where I wake up and I am weighed down. Heavy is the burden that I feel.  A feeling that I am being dragged along by the current that is my life and I don’t have the strength to swim against it.  But, that is not today.

Today I am strong.

And so are you.

Luxury yachts. Boat in sailing regatta (with space for text)
Captain  your ship.

It’s like a boat sailing in the water. Behind the boat it leaves a wake. Waves rise and fall, churn and splash. Those waves are like our past. They are the consequence of our actions. They are real. But even though they are real they don’t affect our course. Only we, the captains of our ships, can do that.

Sometimes, we start to pay too much attention to the wake that we leave behind. Sometimes, we start to guide our ship by it.  But, just as simply as the captain of a ship can turn around and steer by the opportunities that lay ahead, instead of what she leaves behind, so can we.

Today, I steer my ship by the calm seas ahead of me that bristle with potential and I invite you to do the same.

Stay natural my friends!

Farmer Ked

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