What’s in a name?

Will your name make you or break you?  What if your name was Loser Lane?  Would you go on to live a happy life? It turns out that Loser Lane, born in New York City in 1961, has a happy family life today.

While Loser, who goes by Lou, is quite happy with his tragic name, his friends are not. First impressions with a name like that make for an awkward introduction. So, is it that a name makes no difference on who you are and how far you can go -you are the captain of your soul- but makes a big difference in how you are perceived in a Malcom Gladwellian “Blink”?

Thich Nhat Han, a Vietnamese philosopher, delivers us great wisdom when he says:

“The path is the goal.”

Beautiful Green Forest In Summer. Countryside Road, Path, Way, L

Does he mean that all paths lead to the same destination?  (Death)  That instead of toiling our lives away to reach our end as fast as we can – we should instead focus on the path itself that we take to our end?  Do we really want to take the shortest path?  After all, it is the roughest terrain and we travel it alone.  Do we choose a different path not because it will take us to the end with great speed, but because this path will give us great adventures and romance?  

You are the greatest influence on which path your life takes. But can a name make a difference?  If people are always furling their brows upon the utterance of my name then that would most certainly give me a complex, or at least make it necessary for me to arm myself psychologically to combat a complex. If I had a beautiful  name that made all weep to hear it whispered on the breeze then I think I would rather enjoy my complex.

A name holds the power to color your life but it doesn’t write the script. Only you can do that. So write your life into a beautiful story.  I give you permission.

Stay natural my friends,

Farmer Ked

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