Welcome to the world, Kaia!

A new member of our family was born at 6:25am PST on March 30th.  Her name is Kaia, and we named this company after her since it was also coming together at the same time she arrived.

UnfortunatelThe Real Kaiay “Kaia Naturals” was already taken, but we felt strong enough about naming a family-formed business after a new family member. And so, Kaiya (with a “y”) was our work around.

While looking at her pictures, we grow solemn with the thought that Kaia’s prosperity is exactly why we formed this band together.  With our combined effort in Kaiya Naturals we not only make our family stronger, but this world a better place for us to live in.  I hope you’ll join me, so that Kaia, along with your sons and daughters, can grow up in a more loving and nurturing world.